Another Clinic Visit in the Books

“The anticipated pleasure of success gets us motivated and keeps us motivated. But we need to let our rational plan dictate how we will get there.”

Denise Cummins, Ph.D.

So I had my clinic visit last week. It still has to be virtual because of Covid restrictions. I decided to ride the elliptical on the porch while I did it just to save time and make it a more relaxing experience. About halfway through the virtual exam, a wasp landed on my neck. I could feel it crawling around and it was big enough that I could see it in the little corner video of my screen. My neurologist saw it too, and he was freaking out, but there was nothing we could do about it. So we just went right on with the exam, but I could tell he was very distracted.
After about ten minutes Caitlin came out to check on me and my neurologist saw this as an opportunity. He started yelling to her through the Zoom call to get the wasp. I should explain that when Caitlin sees a problem, she tends to get tunnel vision. She fixates on the task at hand and is relentless until the issue is resolved. This is a great quality to have for most things in life with few rare exceptions. Unfortunately, one of those exceptions might be separating a hornet from a mostly immobile husband.
As soon as Caitlin saw the hornet, she sprung into action with reckless abandon. She took off her shoe and started swatting at the wasp, temporarily forgetting that she was beating me with her shoe in the process. It ended up falling in my lap and with one mighty blow she crushed it simultaneously hitting me in the testicles. My neurologist couldn’t do anything but watch helplessly. It was hilarious.

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