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The mission is to identify and raise awareness and funds for causes in our community which affect the quality of life of the members of our community and the world at large through both advocacy and fundraising.

Compassionate Care ALS is a non-profit organization with a mission to support people diagnosed with ALS, their families and communities as they navigate the complexities, both physical and emotional, associated with the disease. The organization provides resources including equipment, educational workshops, Medicare/Medicaid assistance, guidance and awareness in living with ALS, caregiving, and end-of-life issues.

• Help provide individuals with neuromuscular diseases or injuries with leading edge technology, equipment and services.
• Create a global conversation about ALS to ultimately find solutions and an end to the disease.
• Raise public awareness toward ALS by providing and documenting extraordinary life adventures for individuals with muscular diseases or injuries.

Hope Loves Company (HLC) is the only non-profit in the U.S. with the mission of providing educational and emotional support to children and young adults who had or have a loved one battling Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Hark is on a mission to share the real story of ALS and to provide a network of compassionate resources for families.


A core element within the Team Gleason mission is to provide advanced technology for people with ALS, empowering them to continue living purposefully and productively. Team Gleason has partnered with leaders in technology and innovation to help accelerate not only providing advanced devices, but to create new and more empowering ways to live with ALS. As beneficial as the technology we provide or support is, we believe more can be done. To that end, we have collaborated with leading technology companies, organizations, individuals, university bio-engineering departments and others committed to advancing assistive technologies.

HARK provides assistance to alleviate the financial burdens faced by families battling ALS.

Nonprofits We Support

We know ALS is a disease we can tackle, a problem we can solve. Because ALS is curable; it’s just underfunded. Augie’s Quest to Cure ALS is dedicated to changing the experience of people living with ALS. We raise the funds and awareness urgently needed to advance cutting-edge research, fast-track effective treatments, and ultimately, find a cure for this devastating disease.

The NAC Have a Heart Foundation was founded by Jim Worthington, owner of the Newtown Athletic Club (NAC).  His vision was to create a charitable arm of the NAC that would serve the community both locally and nationally. After giving significant contributions to the community (valuing over $1 million dollars annually) for over 20 years, he felt that he wanted to gather all of these altruistic activities under one organization and the Have a Heart Foundation was born.
While the foundation supports many causes, it currently focuses on raising funds for ALS research (funds going directly to ALS TDI) to find a cure for this horrific disease and supports advocacy for causes that affect the terminally ill. To date, more than $2 million has been raised for Augie’s Quest through Matt’s Mission.

Our scientists discover and develop potential treatments for ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease). Led by drug development experts and people with ALS, we are 100% focused on finding effective treatments to slow and stop this disease.

Hope Loves Company® is the result of raising three children who had to learn about ALS (or Lou Gehrig’s Disease) as young children.
As a trained teacher, child care provider and mother of three, Hope Loves Company’s president, Jodi O’Donnell-Ames, knows that many children today lead hectic lives. For the most part, both parents are working, there are many complicated family dynamics (divorce, blended families) and children are extremely busy with school, organized sports and social clubs. If you add a terminal illness, such as ALS, to the mix, then life is chaotic to say the least. So many changes take place in a home based on the changing needs of an ALS patient. It take a village of love and support to battle ALS.

For five years Ron Hoffman oversaw the Gordon T. Heald Fund, helping ALS families in need purchase equipment such as home ramps, bath and shower chairs, and other expensive items rarely covered by insurance. He also offered personal support and guidance. In 2003 Hoffman founded Compassionate Care ALS, encompassing the Heald Fund and expanding its services to include families, caregivers, and healthcare professionals – in addition to ALS patients.

HARK is an active ALS charity organization that was founded by Donna Dourney York in memory of her father, Charles W. Dourney, a lifelong athlete, coach, and father of seven, who courageously battled ALS until his death in November 2009, and who was affectionately known as “Hark” by his wife Ann.

ALS Clinics

The MDA/ALS Center of Hope at Temple University Lewis Katz School of Medicine is dedicated to a multidisciplinary approach to patient care. This means that upon visiting the center, the individual with ALS will be seen by a team of healthcare professionals who will approach each case from every medical angle.

The ALS Association’s Certified Treatment Centers of Excellence and Recognized Treatment Centers provide compassionate care in a supportive, family-oriented atmosphere.

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